Let's Talk About Mammograms

Mammograms are nothing more than fancy XRAYS. Just like a Chest Xray. There is a camera that emits light that has to penetrate through your breast tissue and impart an image on the detector. This light is in the form of radiation rays. This is how specialized Radiologists called Mammographers are able to detect any changes in the breasts.

The amount of radiation you are exposed to every year for your mammogram is miniscule. It is equal to the amout of radiation you are exposed to in nature or in an airplane flying from one state to another. Relax!

The increase increase use of Screening Mammography began in the 1970's. Screening implies that there are no symptoms or problems in that women's breast that she or her Doctor is aware of. Each year there are 40 million women who come to a Breast Imaging Center for their YEARLY/Annual Screening Mammogram.

Once Screening Mammography became the standard of care for Cancer Detection the death rate for Breast Cancer decresed 2-3% per year.

The Guidelines for Screening Mammogram have not changed dispite everything that you hear. If Average risk for Breast Cancer then yearly screening beginning at age 40. If moderate to high risk or strong family history of women in the family with Breast Cancers younger than 50, you may start screening 5-10 years earlier. Discuss this with your Doctor.

Send your self a text, email or mark it on your calender but have your mammograms every year same time. Do it for yourself! It's the best investment you can make...Your Life!

Dr. Smith


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