We do not know what exactly causes Breast Cancer, that's why we can not prevent it, however we do know that lifestyle plays a significant role in increasing our risk. Studies indicate that:


• being overweight

• drinking alcohol

• taking birth control pills

• hormone replacement therapy

• having your first child after age 35


All of these factors can increase your risk of developing breast cancer. These are modifiable risk factors that are preventable. Be informed and be proactive.

How to cut your breast cancer risk at any age

Clinical Trials

Participate in Clinical Trials - clinical trials are research studies in which people help doctors find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer patients. Black women are reluctant to participate in fear of being a guinea pig. Fear not, clinical trials help make treatments better.Here are some clinical trials you should ask your doctor about:


The GAP study: designed to map out differences in breast cancer experiences between black and white women.


The Jewel in Our Genes Study: predicts risk of breast cancer in black families.


Visit for more trials.